Discounts available for corporate escapes.

Looking for something more? Give us ten minutes to reset the rooms and set up tables and chairs. Wander through our spaces while you enjoy (you arrange) a catered in meal. Break into small teams for more development activities. We're happy to arrange anything you can think of! 

Ready to try something different? Put your team to the test by escaping from one of Enigma's five rooms.

Escape rooms require patience, communication, teamwork and trust - it's an excellent way to see what your team's got up their sleeve!

More than 12 team members? Split into teams and race against each other.

For groups under 12 players, work together to solve the never-ending puzzles.

Want a debrief?

Our staff watch hundreds (thousands!) of groups participate in these rooms. Whether they are family teams or corporate groups, this experience makes us uniquely qualified to help you break down the teamwork skills in your group. Sit with us and self-analyze your team ... who took the lead? Who kept you organized? Carry this information back to the workplace for future development.

Escape The Office!


Give us a call to arrange a corporate escape.




Skip the trust exercises and "If You Really Knew Me" games. Lock your team in an escape room to truly test their communication and teamwork skills! 

At Enigma Escape Rooms, we can accommodate up to 45 players at the same time across our five rooms.