first escape room in windsor-essex


A room based on your group size and availability


Online. Select room, date and time and book your slot by paying for one player in advance. 


How many friends do you want to bring on your escape?

Keeping you entertained!

There's nothing to do in Windsor? Think again! We're what to do in Windsor-Essex.

An hour of puzzle-solving, mind-bending, team-working fun awaits you at Enigma Escape Rooms Windsor. ‚Äč

As the first escape room to Windsor, we knew we needed to deliver a quality escape experience.

We've welcomed thousands of escape players through our doors in the last two years.

Our rooms are designed with you in mind - we tailor to different group sizes, book only private reservations, and train our staff to the highest customer service potential we can. 

Escaping is easy!

Is it scary, dark or difficult?

While some rooms have periods in the dark, you are always given a light aid (like a flashlight). Our rooms are not frightening and have no horror elements.

Is it good for children?

Children do excellent in a family setting. With no fear about being wrong, they often suggest the RIGHT answer. Children enjoy searching and working with an adult to solve the puzzles. Our rooms do require the ability to read and basic math skills.

Children must be accompanied by an adult.

How much does it cost?

Our standard rate is $25 per player plus HST. For large groups, non-profits or company bookings there may be discounts available. Please contact us for more details.

What do I need to know and bring?

No outside knowledge is required for our escape rooms. Anything you could possibly need, including a calculator and a writing surface, is given to you in the room. We encourage you to secure your personal belongings and technical devices in our free lockers. You are never "locked" in the room and can leave at any time to use the washroom, take a phone call, or just get some space.

I'm with a large company. Can you come to us?

We sure can! We have two mobile rooms available for rental. Contact us for more information.