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We operate entirely by reservation. There are no walk-in appointments available. You can book your room and time online or by calling 519-562-0497.

All reservations are PRIVATE. You will never be paired with strangers for your escape.

escape rooms

An escape room is a puzzle solving activity, designed to test your teamwork, communication and logical processing skills. Our escape rooms are not frightening, physical challenging or alarming in any manner.



Welcome to Enigma Escape Rooms

Who We Are

Choose from our six dynamic theme storylines for your epic adventure.

Meet our team

Our Game Masters expertly guide you through the confusion of The Professor's Office, the depths of The Jungle, the mysteries of The Pharaoh's Tomb, the experiments of The Science Lab, and the secrets of The Apartment.

search. solve. escape.

Lock your friends, family or co-workers in a room. Work together to solve puzzles, make connections and escape. 

We know you think there's nothing to do in Windsor and Essex County. You're wrong! 
At Enigma Escape Rooms, we're dedicated to bringing you a challenging, fun and DIFFERENT activity to keep your weekends entertaining.